OK, So… Seeing is Believing?

OK, So… Seeing is Believing?

Nowadays with technology, anything is possible; and the Bible says “With God all things are possible”{Matthew 19:26}; which one is right? or are they both true?

In recent years it’s been popular to “prove” the Bible by finding scientific reasons how things could possibly happen. For an example: supposedly the crossing the ancient Hebrews made, the Children of Israel made crossing at the Red Sea {Exodus chapter 14} was supposedly in an area like where there was a low tide, or a sandbar, and they say perhaps that was brought about by the weather conditions might have such and such, and that might have been possible because science has proven it, of this underwater sand there. Therefore the crossing of the Red Sea was proven by science, so wow that was a ” miracle” (sarcastically).

Also finding somethings about the Battle of Jericho with the walls falling down {Joshua 6}, that it could have been done by scientifically, with sound waves and different things, so therefore now it’s proven. The existence of Sodom and Gomorrah {Genesis 13,14,19} supposedly was something in the news this last month, that with someone who discovered the city of Sodom. Now they’ve been scientifically able to prove that it existed. So maybe the Bible story might be true, then a similar situation for Gomorrah, therefore scientifically it may be true.

Then we have the so-called “fairy tale” of Genesis, that it couldn’t be possible for any animals to talk and all these different things, like a day couldn’t have been a real day, that it couldn’t be possible for any animals to talk. {Balaam’s ass that spoke, in Numbers 22:22-34}

 All these different things. Either God is God, or He isn’t. He said that He did these things, he created the laws and the rules whereby He’s able to govern and rule His creation, and basically everything according to Genesis. He set everything in motion, then got it going and everything was very good. He didn’t have to do anything else on the Sabbath day. He rested because His creation was self-propagating, self-contained and self-renewing, and there was nothing else;  He could still come in and step in and do different things, but basically he fixed it up so it would continue to go on, continue to exist, to continue to propagate, to continue to bring forth fruit.

Now If He chose to use some regular, “scientific” rules or using the rules of His creation. Or the rules He’s bending some of the guidelines of some of His creation, to accomplish his purpose, well that’s Him. He can do what He wants to, He’s God, and those who need “Miracles” and those who don’t need to have them. He then told Moses to say this. He told Joshua to do that, and so it happened. So the channel that He used for men believing that, so man at that time, didn’t know about those guidelines and rules, but just believed God and did what He said, and it worked.

Also Joshua stopping the sun and the moon in this particular battle {Joshua chapter 10}, you can look it up in history, there seemed to be time like an extra day, and supposedly NASA has confirmed that. So you can believe that, you can google “NASA the missing day” it may still be online. As well as the Biblical account of Hezekiah {2 KIngs 20} asking Isaiah for a sign; God had told him to set his house in order, that he would die and not live.  Hezekiah got desperate with God, and then God promised him another 15 years of his life, and he asked, “how am I going to know?” So Isaiah said. “Do you want a sign?” So do you want the sun to go forward 10°, or go backward 10°? And he said it’s an easy thing for the sun to go forward, but let it go backwards 10°! and it went back 10 degrees and that was added on to the NASA account. about a day in Joshua. “About a day” {Joshua 10:13}, where they found the  translation for  the amount of time it was, and added  on to Hezekiah’s to NASA’s missing day.

Somehow by so called “proving” that it happened, or could have happened, by finding this out by the calculations using computers. Basically man trying to use the scientific approaches to “prove” God. The only thing that can supposedly prove anything is mathematics, in that particular form. Other things cannot be “proven beyond a shadow of doubt”. Because you have so many different variables. Generally a lot of things work out this way. If you have been wanting to test this out, to try to prove this works. Talk to 20 people and talk to each one the same way, you’ll get different responses.  Everything doesn’t work the same, because people are different individuals, different characteristics, personalities and different things.  A principle may work, but you have to adopt and apply it, you can’t put it as 100% like manufacturing different response, it doesn’t work with each and every individual.  

So yeah, for science trying to go that direction, now we have to prove the Bible, now we have to prove God works; No, the Bible says we “walk by faith not by sight” {2 Cor, 5:7},  and God wants us to “prove” Him or putting Him to the test, by believing Him, and “belief” doesn’t go with “proof”, you  believe because  it’s based on your relationship, or the way they responded to you or related to you in the past; and then you have a measure of trust, based on your past experience and past situations, and so we have His creation right here too, to kind of look on and rely on, because He said He made it that way, and so far it works, according to the guidelines He’s given as well.

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