Good News From Ecuador, Oct and Nov 2023

Dear Ones, 

First a heartfelt thanks to all who help with gifts and prayer support. We pray you are blessed in the ways you most need.

The world news is overwhelming and we feel helpless that we cannot be of more help to the suffering. However, our prayers can do what we can´t..At the local is some news:

In the last newsletter I eagerly described a new outreach we were endeavoring to fulfill which was to get the gospel message into local prisons via the queue of visitors waiting to be allowed entry. We have managed one visit only so far!

However, since then, we took a long trip into the centre of the city, following the google routes to another prison, ( photos 9 and 10)

 only to find that it had been converted into a college of further education!  ( out of date google info!). Of course seeing this as a GOD OPPORTUNITY, we were able to distribute tracts to the myriad of students.(photo 11).

 The prison had long been moved to another city! We will seek more official information as to the locations of prisons and detention centres in Quito.

Also I, Jenny, came down with a virus, and an increased joint pain in my shoulder and neck preventing me from being active, and from the use my arm much, let alone travel on buses in which one has to hang on literally! I have been treating with ice and heat, an occasional pain killer, ointment, resting in a neck brace and arm sling, ( see photo 12 )

 prayer and communion! It has improved but as yet hindering much bus travel..


However we have been able to make a local bus ride to the next neighborhood, Pomasqui, where we have evangelised and follow up on people we have met as well as do any business and shopping. We have been encouraged to find people hungry for the Word, especially students pouring out of the local secondary schools.. One appreciative person  is Gregorio and his family of 3 children. He is already a Christian and very thankful for the biblical articles we give him. ( Photo 1)

On our last trip to a prison, we met Nelson , a very needy Venezuelan immigrant who cannot get a job. He and his wife and daughter are already Christans. We have been able to help them with a little funds as well as a box of used clothing and canned goods ( see photo 8).

Brittany (photo3)

 is the afro Ecuadorian adult daughter of Sandra, of whom we wrote in an earlier Newsletter. Brittany  is busy studying nursing and loves the articles we send via the internet. Her mother, Sandra, in the photo also is thankful for these regular feedings which she says keep her uplifted. As explained before, Sandra is a single mother of 4 and has struggled to make a living..we have helped her out in little ways and will make a Christmas food box for her.

(Photos 2, 4 and 5) 

are faces of 3 of our internet bible students and whom we visit monthly. We continue ministering online to about 350 people via email and whatsapp. Many of Gonzalo¨s family also correspond.( photo 6) 

Our dear printer, Jaime, serving us for at least 30 years, is just now printing 24, 000 tracts ..3 titles of 8, 000 each. We are thankful for your gifts which  help us with printing and travel, living costs and to share with those the Lord points us to. 

Sneider  (photo 7) 

is a long term younger generation Colombian Missionary living and serving in his poor neighborhood up in the mountains where dysfunction abounds due to the former Farc members settling there.We have mentioned him before and we donate a small gift monthly. He and some volunteers provide daily breakfasts for some of the needy neighborhood school children. For this we are so grateful for your gifts so that we can share. 

 I remember what the Lord said ¨THE POOR YOU ALWAYS HAVE WITH YOU!¨( Well He was referring to His shorter time with his disciples that he had in comparison to the poor who were always and will be always with us). However when we step out of our starts..the poor are upon us, always with the streets , on the buses….elderly non pensioned folks, immigrants, unemployed…. it has become more overwhelming over the years here in Ecuador..We can return to our safe abode and give thanks for all we have..a roof that does not leak..a roof even ! A bed and blankets, a fridge with food, internet, light, water, gas bottles to cook with!

All this and Jesus too!

love and gratefulness, 

Gonzalo and Jenny