Millenium. Millennial. YouTube has many videos, comically depicting millennials. If YouTube is correct, many of them are obsessed with technology. If the Bible is correct, the Millennium will be an agrarian/agricultural society. If Christ returns soon, many millennials will live through to the Millennium.

If Ezekiel 38 and 39 is correct, two major jobs at the start of the Millennium will be clearing away dead bodies from the Battle of Armageddon, and obtaining wood for fuel and warmth – at least in Jerusalem. If the above is all true, this technology-dependent society will undergo a tremendous culture shock. In fact, they will not be happy with Christ ruling. They will think they have arrived in Hell. Why? Why would you say that? Why would I say why? Consider this.

Our technology-driven society is highly dependent on two things. We share this trait with gorillas – they also use their two thumbs all day long.

For them it will be extremely difficult to adapt to an agrarian lifestyle, and fend for oneself, cook their own food, and do many things in caring for themselves that they are not used to and that they call on others to do for them in the present via applications and computers. The beginning of the Millennium will (in Jerusalem) be seven months of gathering the bones of all the dead bodies for burial. – so much so that it’ll take seven months to fully complete this task. It’s also mentioned that over a seven year period, there will be no need to cut down trees for firewood, which should be good news for our environmentally-sensitive advocates. What will they use for fuel? Did I happen to tell you? There will be a major change.

              It doesn’t seem we will have gas or oil, or even electricity as we have available today. Its mentioned that they will use wrecked armaments and weapons of war for fuel, thereby negating the need for firewood.

              Did I miss something here? How would that be possible in the highly technological society of today?

In Revelation 13 the Bible mentions the Mark of the Beast, in which, without this mark, number or name, no one could buy or sell, which seems to indicate a computerized society and system, which would again indicate technology at a very high level. At the same time, in Ezekiel 38 and 39, a northern kingdom is mentioned that invades Israel on horseback with wooden weapons. It also states that these wooden weapons would be used for firewood in Jerusalem at the beginning of the Millennium. How can both these things be at the same time without some drastic change taking place in our present-day world?

              Jesus says in John 5:39 to “search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and they are they which testify of Me.” Let the conversation begin!