Dear Family and friends, 

We pray this news update will find you well. We do pray for all of you daily…

Perhaps some might have heard the following song of the 70’s early 80’s by Ralph Mctell ‘ STREETS OF LONDON’  first written as STREETS OF PARIS as he roamed the world.. Well , I was reminded of this song as this lady

approached us..as she does every day we walk that street to our apartment. She does have somewhere to lay her head but approaches for a donation..she actually has 3 dogs which accompany her..and they are comparatively looking somewhat fed! Many elderly, especially of the indigenous farming community don’t have pensions here, having not contributed to their national insurance..yet, having worked hard to feed the ecuadorian population .. we feel for their plight which many just meekly accept when so very old…(Yet, there have been and maybe will be, more uprisings of the indigenous community due to this  problem.)……:This following song could be also titled  STREETS OF QUITO! ( CAPITAL OF ECUADOR WHERE WE LIVE AND IN WHICH WE MINISTER)

here is the song with lyrics on youtube:

the sketch of Jesus holding a lamb in His arms , on the front page of a tract we distribute brings a smile to many as we give them this message is somewhat of a reminder that they are not alone in their difficult circumstances

Above are photos of the  very busy walking street in the centre of the city where, once a month, we distribute tracts and win souls. 

enny finally appearing in a photo!.A young schoolboy receives a tract and prays for Jesus to enter His heart. A policeman receives a tract. This walking street in Quito centre has many military and police on duty now the president has tightened up security. They all gladly receive the message.. . I have to stifle a grin as I pass by security guards all wearing sunglasses, suits and ties and an earphone stuck in  their ear…James Bond style..totally obvious……to any would – be criminal..! They also receive a tract perhaps due to curiosity as to what this white – haired foreign old lady is giving to the public! Being my age definitely has its perks regarding evangelizing publicly as I can get away with a lot!

We walked through the next neighborhood, a bus ride away and found this park with courts for playing various sports and where young people were gathered. Gonzalo of course spied out the land which resulted in 5 youth receiving salvation . I stood at a distance to take the photo so as not to distract this important moment..

 Gonzalo and I attended the birthday party of his 58 year old recently bereaved brother in law. Almost all Gonzalo’s family gathered around in loving support..Gonzalo helped  with the barbecue… ( in the supervisory capacity it seems  as the photo shows..HA!).the young people of his family assisted and organised..such a loving and supportive family. We have most of Gonzalo’s family on our whatsapp feeding list  of devotional material. Some old school friends of the widower arrived to play typical music and Gonzalo joined in ( video clip)!..There is a lot of solidarity in Latin families! Gonzalo continues to minister to his 8 remaining siblings left of 13 siblings…

We are so grateful for your interest, prayers and gifts which help us miraculously keep on keeping on.
Thank you, 
Gonzalo and Jenny

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