Good News from Ecuador

September, October 2023

A Venezuelan girl waiting to visit an inmate prayed with Jenny to receive Jesus.

Dear Ones, a heartfelt thanks for your prayer and help towards our efforts in Ecuador. Today, 15th October, we await the results of the interim presidential elections, praying and knowing that The Lord is in control. Meanwhile, we continue to do our part in reaching the souls with the message of salvation. This month we visited a prison but not obtaining entry which requires much legal paperwork..we reached the visitors waiting outside to enter to visit. We prayed with a few and asked them to please share the c with the inmate they are visiting. We hope to visit the same prison again or another more distant  one this month. Thanks to your prayers we were able to procure a donation of a wheel chair for a physically and mentally challenged 30 year old, Anita. 

We are seen still with the use of masks, a personal choice as there are rainy season flu viruses around..and we travel on crowded buses. 

Our gospel tract distribution has been on buses, in the suggestion box of a friendĀ“s restaurant , in the city parks and outside a college. People are so receptive here. The instability and insecurity of the country has had this effect.

Thank you for your prayers for us and our outreach..that lives will be transformed and we also pray for a miracle of transformation to happen in the prisons, and with those in the underworld on the streets..


Gonzalo and Jenny

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