Good News From Ecuador, March 2024

Dear ones, 

We pray you are well. We were re reading..well, listening to an audio presentation from an exhortative talk in 1913 of A:B SIMPSON on missions..the call to missions and to help missions… This brings us to wish to show our gratitude to those of you who remember us in your prayers and in your gifts of love to us.

Here is a stanza from the talk which is the sum total of our goal and tell them of that NAME..JESUS!

“They tell me of lands of sin and shame,
And of hearts that break and tire,
But I know of a name, a name, a name,
That will set those lands on fire.”

and here is another quote from AMY CARMICHAEL:

There have been times of late when I have had to hold on to one text with all“ my might: “It is required in stewards that a man may be found faithful.” Praise God, it does not say “successful.”

― Amy Wilson-Carmichael from Things as they Are

webpage of some of her missionary quotes:

We so need and appreciate your help us keep holding on

Now to the attached photos :

1000 tracts to distribute that day!
A very busy public walking place and park outside the presidential palace. Gonzalo and I ready to give out the message
We pray for the police and military daily who are increasing their security measures and patrol this busy area in numerous groups. Gonzalo endeavours to give them tracts and to encourage them and appreciate them..( Gonzalo in a dark jacket, jeans and green army bag across his shoulder!).

A morning with university students during their lunch break.
Jenny preparing an article to print and for an online class

Now to close with this beautiful hymn..OH THE DEEP DEEP LOVE OF JESUS: