Wolfgang and Lenka Schmidt are cofounders of ADH (Active Direct Help). They have been engaged in development projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 2004.

Wolfgang Lenka Anissa CongoADH stands for “Active Direct Help” — precisely our principle: We ensure that the help goes directly to where it is needed.

Our school project in the interior of the Congo consists of 3 sectors which are explained shortly below. For more information please check out our website (in English and German) where you can find some inspiring videos about our work and see how it developed over the years.

School Construction

Until the start of our project in early 2011, the village Mushapo, located 1000 km southeast of Kinshasa, deep in the bush, did not have a school. The whole area also has no electricity, no running water, no proper roads, no medical center etc. To help these precious children get an education we wanted to build them a school which will last a long time. We set up our school in temporary buildings of a farm which we could use and started to build the long term buildings. So far 2 big school buildings with bright spacious classrooms made of baked bricks and tin roofs are finished. These solid durable materials should secure the running of the school operation in any weather conditions and last a long time. In addition, this created important new jobs through the construction work and the employment of teachers.

school building congo


With our project we want to ensure a good education for the children to give them and the village a better future. By now our school is registered by the Ministry of Education and consists of 10 classes with 10 teachers and the director. In the meantime it grew to over 300 children from Mushapo and a few students from 3 surrounding villages. Our school is free of charge which is otherwise unheard of in all of Congo. The goal was that the children from the poorest families will also be able to get an education. The curriculum is following the governmental guidelines and we teach French from the first grade to give the children a better chance for their future.

kids singing school congo


Our goal is to set up the school in such a way that it is sustainable without our support one day so we can move on to start another similar project in another needy area. We are working on getting the government to pay the teachers and to supplement their minimal salary we started an agricultural project. The income from the field products should contribute to the long-term financing of the school operation. On a total area of 10 hectares we are currently growing mainly manioc, which is the number one national food in Congo and it’s sold at local markets. This is a help to a region which is lacking even basic food and it creates important new jobs. In addition, the agricultural project provides many opportunities to involve the local community in the school project and assume responsibility for the school in Mushapo. The professional agricultural production can also serve in the future as a practical teaching subject.

This project is supposed to be a pilot project to encourage others to also do something for the majority of the population of Congo living in similar conditions. Hardly any NGOs or other organizations help them. Most projects are in and around the big cities. The countryside is left to fend for itself.

Class in session congo

Our Spiritual ministry

When we explain our work in Congo to interested people in Europe we ask them if they are interested to receive our newsletter and website with links to videos about our work. We also offer them regular monthly updates by email and send along a spiritually feeding section which we call “Vitamins for the Heart”. We try to choose materials for people from any walk of life, believers from different religions as well as non-believers!

We send these monthly emails out in 4 languages: to our Europeans friends in German and Czech, to our international friends in English and to our Congolese friends we use articles in French which we receive from our dear French brethren. All together we send these monthly mailings to over 1000 people. Since we get many good responses from our friends how much these articles are helping them, we will also build these into our new website where they can reach more people.

The most interested people we invite to our monthly bible study which is very small as we just started it. But we are encouraged that some people want to know more as in general people here in the Czech Republic don’t relate easily to spiritual matters. They value their individuality and it’s not easy to get them to come to anything organized like a bible study.

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