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A dear brother in the north of the UK sent me this ‘Decree’ last week, I find it excellent and believe that we can all ‘partner’ with this decree for ourselves this year.


AMMC Nov 2019

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This month we return to see what’s happening in Ecuador, that beautiful Andean country in South America. While many of us are full of Brexit news, we possibly miss hearing about the riots and unrest that are happening in Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia,  Hong Kong and many parts of central Europe and Africa.  I think you will find these photos and few words from Jenny and Gonzalo inspiring.
God bless you love Jerry.


AMMC October 2019 News

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God bless you dear friends,

   This month we return again for news and testimonies from the very precious couple John and Melinda, who work for the Lord in Belem, Brazil on the mouth of the Amazon. There are several amazing testimonies from them here on this web site and I encourage you to read them. Definitely your life will not be the sae again.

Our love and prayers



AMMC September 2019 News


A Brazilian air stewardess who received the Lord

Dear friends,
We hope that you and your family are all well, and that things are going very well for you, your family, children and work. We are so thankful for you and your friendship, your support and prayers for us. You are such an important part of our lives and work, and are such a great blessing to us!
We have now returned home to China after being away for about 7 weeks on our trip to visit Polly’s mom and other relatives in Brazil. The main reason of this trip was to help take care of Polly’s 91- year-old mother in Brazil and also visit and minister to her other relatives there. (Also, since our ticket had a stopover in the USA, we were able to visit Mike’s sister in Virginia as well.)

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Love in Him

Jerry and the AMMC Team

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Our Chance For All Of Us To Do More_08_19

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Jerry is inviting all of us to join and support the exiting and upgraded vision for AMMC. Your donations will bring a repository of new material to assist active Christians in their service. Podcasts and YouTube channels are also in the planning stages along with special country oriented services and advise to address the needs of Christians in China and Great Britain.

Let's build the future now!


Jerry and the AMMC Team