Fighting in Kasai / New Bricks in Mabala

ADH Congo Update November 2017

Note from Jerry

Often in life we build things and they fall down. We pay careful attention to details and we put so much effort into them and they still suffer either a setback or total defeat. Often this is due to things beyond our control.

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AMMC News November 2017

From Jerry

The Two Judgements!

GOD BLESS YOU. Yes, that’s an interesting title and I hope it got your intention!

You may remember that at the beginning of the year or end of 2016 we issued a message called Message and Warnings about 2017.

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The Beautiful Testimony of an Afro-American Missionary in Thailand

From Keith Henderson in Thailand

THAILAND September 2017

Welcome to this inspiring newsletter for September 2017!

God bless you. Here is a beautiful testimony of my close friend, the Afro-American Missionary Keith Henderson! Please don't miss this.

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Reaching Afro-Ecuadorian Children and Teenagers with the Good News!

Inspiring news from Gonzalo and Jenny in Ecuador!

ECUADOR August 2017

Welcome to this inspiring newsletter for August 2017!

Every space on earth is important to God! He is watching every soul and wants all to come to Him. God bless these faithful missionaries in Ecuador!

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Rising Above Personal Problems with Jesus in Taiwan

Exciting news we can apply to our lives!

TAIWAN June-July 2017

This newsletter is full of testimonies from Brian and Christian in Taiwan. Brian and Christina are old friends of ours and we co-operated with them also when they lived inside China for many years.

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May 2017 - Update from Mike and Polly

Welcome to this always inspiring latest news from China via missionaries Mike and Polly!

Winning and establishing Chinese people to Jesus in China is their mission and they do a great job.

Things are getting tight in China and new persecution has begun over the last 3 years especially. You will note in this new issue the faces of everyone have been obscured for security!

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