ADH Congo Update

April 2018

Note from Jerry

Greetings everyone,

God bless you. We are still praying and expanding our mission web site and hope eventually it will get out even more Word of God. I know over 18,000 free books were downloaded from our site last year and I look forward to telling you more good news in the near future!

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Amazon Mission News

Belém, Brazil - April 2018

If anyone ‘knows’ how to win souls to Jesus Christ, it is surely Pastor John and his lovely wife Melinda now based out of Belém church at the mouth of the Amazon in Brazil!

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News from Mike and Polly in China

March 2018

This newsletter is full of inspiring testimonies from Mike and Polly in China. Much of their news is about their Christmas season activities and witnessing. There is also some interesting information on how the Chinese celebrate Christmas.

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