More About Sister Elisabeth's Ministry In China

June 2016

When people think of China, they may be dazzled by the images of skyscrapers and powerful infrastructure that is the eastern and southernseaboard of China’s richest cities. But there is another side of China too which comprises possibly 40-50% of its present population. This is where Sister Elisabeth and her helpers thrive.

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News from Mike and Polly in China

January and May 2016

Here is more news from the irrepressible Chinese speaking missionary team of Mike and Polly!

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ADH Congo Review 2015

We hope you enjoy this review of our work in 2015 and that it makes you feel part of all that got accomplished.

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News from Mike and Polly in China's Interior

August 2015

Thank you so much for your interest in helping us reach the precious people of China, it truly is a mission field full of uniquely receptive people, despite all of the restrictions placed on evangelization here.

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Sister Elisabeth's Work Among Minority Children in Rural China

July 2015

For those of us who are very interested in Sister Elisabeth’s work among ‘minority’ * children in the rural areas of China, here are some more photos and news from her!

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News from Keith in Thailand

May 2015

This newsletter issue from Keith in Thailand shows how he uses English camp activities as a springboard to share the Gospel message with students, parents and teachers.

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