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Dear Ones, Year 2020 has proven to be a marked year for the whole world with COVID-19. As His children, we are well versed in what to do in times of trouble. Through many years of difficulties, we have discovered many things about Jesus’ nature and how He works. He has taught us how to deal with natural disasters, war, pestilence, civil dis-ruption, misfortune, loss, tragedy, troubles, and impossible situations.
No matter what challenge or struggle we faced, as we have come to Him time after time for His counsel in both our personal situations and in regard to world situations, He has been there for us, giving us what we needed to make it through and to also be a blessing to others.
We know that things in the world are waxing worse and worse. With Jesus as our personal counselor and guide, we are prepared. We have what it takes for our own per-sonal circumstances, and we have what it takes to be a comfort and encouragement to others.

We pray the April Newsletter listing God's work in the Amazon is a blessing and encouragement. 
Thank you for your faithful support and prayers!