Wolfgang Schmidt

   Dear friends,

For the beginning of the New Year, we are sending you a special email. Attached you will find the text with many photos of Wolfgang’s speech based on his TEDx-Talk from last year. It will give you a good picture of our projects in Africa since the year 2000 as well as offer you some inside information about the situation in Congo, which is not covered by the mainstream media. We believe the best service we can offer Congo is an information campaign to spread the news about what is happening there. If you find the speech helpful, feel free to pass it on to your friends.

We wish you a blessed, peaceful and happy New Year 2020,

Wolfgang and Lenka

PS: To watch the video of the speech you can follow this link http://www.adh-congo.org/en/see/videos/item/1497-change-the-world-with-love or press Ctrl + click on the image below