Awesome news from our ever fruitful Mission Team in Ecuador  South America!

Dearest friends and family,
Jesus is so great. The world is so confusing. Whenever I get confused or irritable I have learned to simply spend an hour or two reading the gospel of John and asking the Lord to lift me up. It never fails! I highly recommend it to you. We are sheep and we hear Jesus’ voice and no other voice will we follow! That makes things very simple to someone like me who really is very dumb in this life. Jesus is my strength. Thank you, Lord.

Well this month’s newsletter is about the continued work of the ever-young duo in Ecuador. I would like you to have a good read and think about this precious couple and their ‘works’ for God for 2018 and their plans for 2019 and then look at their ages and some of the photos. I am sure you will be encouraged.
As usual, you can donate to these precious missionaries who also run a house church in Quito the capital of Ecuador, South America. Simply donate on our site with the reference ‘Ecuador’ on your gift. Thank you for your prayers and love for all mission teams we are trying to help.
God bless you. Prayers for a victorious 2019 for you!
Love Jerry


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Love in Him

Jerry and the AMMC Team