July - August 2018

Note from Jerry


Jenny (from Yorkshire, England) and her husband Gonzalo from Ecuador have been ministering to and in schools across Ecuador for many years. They have various educational materials and Christian messages for youth that has become quite popular.They are able (so far) to pray with many many children and teens across the land!

They also minister in remoter areas, among fishermen and other rural communities. One thing I like about them, (and they are both well into in their 70’s)! is that they are faithful everyday and have a clear vision from God what they should be doing to reach souls for Jesus where they are.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter and help donate towards their work. They win hundreds to thousands of young people to the Lord each year. God bless them. Here are their latest thoughts on their ministry with some lovely photos.

Just be faithful where you are even for a long time, that’s the message! Amen.

Thanks everyone for your prayers for this wonderful young-at-heart missionary team. They have been working faithfully there for many years now and are abiding in their calling.

Please consider helping them financially this month of July and August. You can see their other newsletters under the newsletters section of our web site.


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