April 2018

Note from Jerry

Greetings everyone,

God bless you. We are still praying and expanding our mission web site and hope eventually it will get out even more Word of God. I know over 18,000 free books were downloaded from our site last year and I look forward to telling you more good news in the near future!

Here is the latest news we have from Wolfgang and Lenka who are based in eastern Europe but who still visit the DRC Congo and despite many obstacles and attacks of the enemy continue to build and develop their school out there in the ‘Bush’, with the help and teamwork of many local people on the ground.

I hope you enjoy this news. Their work is a great example of never giving up and you can find more news from them here on the site under the missionary profiles and also under the newsletters section over the last several years.

Thank you for your prayers and gifts at this time to keep their ministry and that of many others going!

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Love in Jesus,

Jerry and the AMMC Team