Belém, Brazil - April 2018

If anyone ‘knows’ how to win souls to Jesus Christ, it is surely Pastor John and his lovely wife Melinda now based out of Belém church at the mouth of the Amazon in Brazil!

Here is their recent newsletter, very inspiring and full of beautiful testimonies! I pray you enjoy it! We are also waiting on a new edition which we will publish as soon as we get it.

Besides the testimonies that are in this newsletter, there are also quite a few other testimonies of their mission on our web site.

Here are two links below, I encourage you to give them a read! They will undoubtedly change your spiritual life! Praise the Lord.

Please consider helping to support John and Melinda in Brazil by donating on our website.

Happy May, let’s keep advancing for Jesus as the end time battles polarise before our eyes!

Love in Christ,

Jerry Finch and the AMMC Mission Teams