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TAIWAN June-July 2017

This newsletter is full of testimonies from Brian and Christian in Taiwan. Brian and Christina are old friends of ours and we co-operated with them also when they lived inside China for many years.

  • Their translating ministry (English into both the Chinese languages) has been going on for over 30 years. Undoubtedly the fruit of their work will never be fully seen nor understood in this life, but for those Chinese Christians who have read the messages and Christian materials over many years to help ground their faith, indeed their work is immensely valuable to the Lord. This takes a great deal of faith to work and operate in this way.
  • Apart from this they do a lot of personal ministry of the Gospel to the Taiwanese around them ever day!
  • Some of the testimonies in this newsletter are truly amazing and will affect you. Don’t miss them! You may be surprised at how some of them may apply in some way to your life! Praise the Lord!

I pray you are inspired to read about individual Chinese people who have been ministered the Word of God by missionaries there. There are a lot of things in their stories we can apply to our lives.

Please consider donating to this fruitful team in Taiwan. Your help makes a difference in the lives of so many!

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