Dearest Friend,

A very happy Christmas to you!

We are praying for you on a regular basis. God is love and He loves you. In a break with our tradition we are posting several articles for your interest this Christmas, of which this file is really the main message. We hope you enjoy the following:

But this Christmas we wanted to say something special…

And that is instead of sending news from our missions which you can also read on our web sites, we wanted to share a message about the next year 2017. We believe it will be a blessing, and may confirm a lot of what some of you have been thinking at the back of your minds already.

In 2016 so much has happened, worsening war in the Middle East, the refugee crisis in Europe, the American election where the Christian Right came out 91% on the side of the unlikely Donald Trump. Russia positioning itself in the Middle East which has been in prophecies in the Bible for thousands of years and this is the first time it is happening. The Muslim overreach of America and Europe and the Islamization of the western world which seems to be welcomed by the godless liberals. So much has happened.

We’d like to say that at this time we feel it would be good sense for all of us Christians to seriously and practically consider of we are ready for major disasters if we are living in the UK or Europe or America. We’d like to advise and encourage all our friends to make some practical and spiritual preparations for the future starting as soon as you can.


Specifically we would like to encourage all our friends to:

  1. Stock up on a supply of food and water, medical supplies toiletries etc enough for two weeks living.
  2. Have an independent form of heating and lighting and cooking in your house.
  3. If you are able and have the resources to move away from heavily urbanised areas and move to a more country-like location if this is feasible for you.
  4. Have as much of your liquid assets out of banks and accounts. Keep some of your finances in gold or silver or property.
  5. Prepare your mind and heart in the Lord for the possibility of some major disaster and discuss as a family and/or church how you would react to a dangerous situation in your locality. Ask the Lord to keep your minds and hearts at peace and in trust and full faith if or when such an event comes.
  6. Stay strong in the Word of God and trust in Him and His love for you. Ask him even more specifically what you can or should do in your own situation where you are.
  7. Finally make sure you are in the place God wants you to be for your future and the future of your family. Probably most of you are, but if any of you are not sure, now is a good time to pray.
  8. With this advice we wish you all a blessed Christmas 2016 and a powerful victorious new year, in Jesus Mighty Name!

Love Jerry

Ps. A very useful book to read which details all this and much more is ‘Be Thou Prepared’ by Pastor Carl Gallups in Florida. You can buy this on line. A great deal of the advice is excellent and worth the small amount of money to get this in your hands.

And at last, a big thank you for all your gifts to the China mission and all the other teams on our web site in 2016.

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