June 2016

When people think of China, they may be dazzled by the images of skyscrapers and powerful infrastructure that is the eastern and southernseaboard of China’s richest cities. But there is another side of China too which comprises possibly 40-50% of its present population. This is where Sister Elisabeth and her helpers thrive.

china school remote village

Here are some interesting points about her ministry:

  • Elisabeth works in rural counties of remote areas of South West and North West China.
  • She and a few colleagues have won hundreds of children to the Lord as well as officials and teachers in these areas.
  • Part of their ministry is to teach the children to pray, depend on Jesus and hear His voice speaking to them.
  • She also provides positive educational books for children in some of the poorest schools in western China.

We pray you enjoy this photo newsletter edition. Please support her through our web site, and also pray for her and the children in these pictures as well.

Thank you, Jerry