Sister Elisabeth's Work Among Minority Children in Rural China

July 2015

For those of us who are very interested in Sister Elisabeth’s work among ‘minority’ * children in the rural areas of China, here are some more photos and news from her!

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News from Keith in Thailand

May 2015

This newsletter issue from Keith in Thailand shows how he uses English camp activities as a springboard to share the Gospel message with students, parents and teachers.

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Reflections of China

May-June 2015

Laurance and Zsuzsa talk about some of their experiences from completing 2 1/2 years of missionary service in China. At the beginning of 2012, they felt the calling of God to go to China. The experiences they share are the result of stepping out by faith in obedience to that still small voice (I Kings 19:12) that changed their lives and many others' forever.

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Peru Mission News

January 2015

This newsletter edition is dedicated to dear Astrid in Peru who has been working among the mountain people of northern Peru for over 15 years.

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One Day's Personal Sharing of the Gospel in Brazil

December 2014

We wanted to share some inspiring testimonies from John and Sara in the Amazon Basin, Brazil. It's amazing what the Lord can do through individuals giving out the Word of God on a personal basis.

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Prison Testimonies from South America

October 2014

Inge is our official AMMC secretary who now resides in Germany. She has been a missionary herself for over 30 years! She is the one who diligently makes sure you receive your emails of our mission work from China and other news from other AMMC sponsored mission teams. In this issue we are passing on some testimonies of her former work in Paraguay’s prisons. Let her tell it in her own words, you won’t want to miss it! P raise the Lord.

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Sister Elisabeth's Ministry Rocks on in China's Southwest and Northwest!

June 2013

Sister Elisabeth’s ministry has for many years focused on children in the poorer rural and mountain areas of China’s southwest. By combining with her good friend a very precious Chinese national missionary ‘sister M’ (pictured in some of the photos in this newsletter) they have been able to combine forces and develop a ministry in sister M’s rural hometown in China’s northwest!

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