Greetings everyone, I wanted to pass on to you some of the reactions of my last   two books and a few before that in one file here below. I pray you will visit my site and buy some of them to help my ministry go forward. They are inspiring  and I  thank God He helped me write them.

Love Jerry        see




  1. ‘Dear Jerry, I just finished, Shake Off the  Dust,  and I  want to  say how inspired  I  am  to have read it! When I started to read it last night, I couldn't stop!

It's such a beautiful testimony of God's Word being fulfilled in you and your family's life experiences as missionaries!

It is a beautiful, well written book, with amazing testimonies  and  definitely  gives  the Lord the glory for all the miracles He did for you. And with all the verses you share in the book, it is a very powerful testimony of God's truth in action today! God bless you.

I  am going to read your next one soon. Thanks for sharing your book with all of us and       I will pass on the details to others. Love  in  Christ  and  Prayer,  Becky.’  (Missionary  in South America).

  1. ‘This is an important and inspirational Christian book. I have already ordered 10 more copies to pass on to my family and friends!’ Mrs. E. O. Solicitor & Notary Public, London, UK
  1. ‘Hi Jerry,

Merry Christmas to you all,

Just writing also to ask you if I could have a copy sent to me here of your new book – I surely did enjoy the one "Shake off the Dust" and read most of Pieces of China, also so interesting!

Bless you with beautiful days!’ Ruby D. USA

  1. ‘This is an excellent book, the most amazing testimonies I have heard. It’s also full of scripture that really add to the message. Well done!’ Gemma D. Trinity Christian School, Stalybridge, Greater Manchester
  2. ‘I cried so much when I got to the part about your daughter dying and then not

knowing what was going to happen next…’ Judy (Sussex)

  1. ‘I really couldn’t put this book down, even though it was so late, I had to read it in  one I didn’t get finished till past one in the morning!’ Sarah Sussex.


  1. ‘I pray that literally millions of people will read this book Shake off the Dust!’  it deserves it and is so powerful to change people’s lives’. Yinka (proof reader for Shake off the Dust book.) London
  2. ‘Testimonies are I think the most powerful way God can reach people, they cannot

deny a good testimony.’ Colin, Scotland


  1. ‘Hi Jerry,

I just finished reading your book on British Christians/Coming Civil War. Congratulations on a job well done! It's a very courageous work and I hope you find a willing audience for it over there in the UK. It made a lot of very good points--and it was also very funny it parts--a really good combination! I really enjoyed reading it and also found it most interesting.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that’.   Andrew V. California. USA

  1. ‘Regarding your book (about the British Christians), I enjoyed reading it, in fact I read it twice. I think as far as other Christians go it will make them either, mad, sad or glad. I think the majority will be inspired with the Biographies (section). I am sure it will wake some people up about the present spiritual situation. It is definitely a book that needs to get out there. I will pray for that’. John G. University lecturer
  1. ‘God will use this book to help you and set you up in His Kingdom. Be prepared for May God bless you, my brother’. Pastor Emmanuel. Sussex.
  1. ‘I thought the Biographies part was very (Then I kept reading) and I came to

parts that made me angry, and in fact (later) I was very angry. I showed it to a

mature Christian, and he agreed with me. I can’t endorse your book, Jerry.’ Sarah,

Mature Christian, Sussex.

  1. ‘This is not a book that one necessarily enjoys reading, but that challenges you’.

Alison S. Chester, England.

  1. ‘We can expect to be attacked and the enemy won’t like your book for exposing his works’ John G.
  1. Why does it have this cover?* I can’t judge the book, as I haven’t read it. I wonder if this cover may alienate Muslim people we are trying to win to Christ, if we advertise it (for you) as it certainly gives the impression that they may be the Christians’ enemy. Andrew H.


*(note from Jerry Finch) I though it is good a couple of  people  talked  about  the cover. Each book I  write, I  have asked the Lord about what the cover should be. In    all five books so far, I have received a general image or vision of exactly what the  cover should be. In this case of the British  Christians  book, I also received a very  clear picture of this cover, with all the flags, the  ‘gay’  rainbow  flag  and  other banners of protest etc in  the  background. In fact, I  saw several  Muslim women  in  the foreground but for technical and copyright reasons we were not able to get that  on the cover, so we settled for the one woman.


  1. ‘This was a real easy read and so much fun to read too. I liked it’. Surinder, Leicester.
  2. ‘It’s a cool book! Funny Very funny in parts. I loved the ‘Fake’ part’.
  3. Your book on China is very enjoyable and light. I am reading it on Kindle right now. Alison S. Chester


  1. Thanks, Jerry, for spelling it out. Sometimes I  think  it  would  be  even  better  to spell it out in adult language, because the world can't seem to understand it any  other way. It's a filthy subject. Sometimes I  wonder if we should even talk about it    at all. I get so sick of it. I don't think we're helping anybody by "toning it down," or    by reminding the Sodomites of God's  unconditional    That  word "unconditional" was never used in regards to God's  love  until  fairly  recently.  I think He still loves us in spite of what we do, but He sure as Hell doesn't bless us      for it! Anyway, thanks, and keep up the good work. Philip Texas, USA
  1. This book is not for the fainthearted! Mike London


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