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Please make sure you read this if at all possible and pray. Thank you.



1. Arrest and deportation of foreign missionaries in China has begun, for the first time to our knowledge.
2. Arrest and putting in labour camps of Chinese Christians has stepped up in to the tens of thousands! (it’s very possible some of these our brethren and sisters may not make it out).
3. The new national ID and ‘worthiness system’ in China is being rolled out rapidly.
4. Churches are being destroyed on a daily basis.
5. China has banned on line sales of Bibles and other such materials.
6. The Bible is being re-written in China to agree with the Government’s orders.
7. On the ground security news from sister E.
8. China continues preparing for war with the USA.

Greetings everyone. Some of you may remember the first part of this which was quite shocking and is still available to read on our web site here

This blog is a continuation of some of that. You know, about a year before the Beijing Olympics in 2008, visas for foreigners started too tighten up, at the same time the Chinese government pushed and encouraged a movement of greater ‘’Nationalism’ and
At the same time, visas for all of us became a lot more expensive and restricted in time.
Whereas before you could purchase a five-year business visa for a good price, now you could only get one year and had to provide a lot more evidence on what you were doing as a business, the same went for all visas. Everything tightened up from 2008 and they have been tightening ever since. Now here is the first news we have of foreign missionaries being deported or their visas cancelled. Here is the on the ground news from one of our team in South China: this is the first ‘handwriting on the wall’ that many people’s days may be numbered.

HERE IS THE LATEST NEWS From sister E in a major southern city.
‘I have heard that the (city) government closed one Christian school in the south of the city and took 10 American teachers that work in an International school that were having different ministries apart from being teachers here in ____ and to 5 of them, they gave 10 days to leave the country and to not return.
No one can buy Bibles online now, only just from the registered churches and someone told me that they want to have some scholars change things in the Bible and then reprint them, that is scary, not for me but for whosoever do that because of the warning in the last chapter of the last book, Rev. 22;19- "And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things that are written in this book." ’


Dear Jerry,

Please pray for E. and her school, she talked to me on the phone of the mother of my students who is a teacher there, and I was supposed to see her tonight but she said that it is not a good time for me to visit her and she is not using her phone. (obviously she may feel she is under surveillance)

I've also heard that there is a couple of Central Americans (Christians) that are working in another school similar to the one E. has that said that there are 4 of such schools in the city and that 3 of them were "visited" although I do not know the details of what happened.

They all need our prayers! Lots of love,

To our best knowledge, thousands of Chinese Christians have been and are being arrested and placed in labour camps this year. This is ongoing. When they will get out is not sure. We ask you to please pray for the many thousands of
Chinese Christians who have been arrested this year. In Chinese recent history many Christians have been placed in labour camps as well as other forms of dissidents. Many have died there especially in the period 1967- 2000. This year of 2018 this practice has accelerated. We hope to have more information on this in the next edition.


End-Times Persecution? World's Largest Country Is Destroying 1000s Of Crosses And Bibles


by Tyler Durden
Mon, 09/17/2018 - 23:15




Authored by Michael Snyder via The American Dream blog,

Many Christians in the western world don’t even realize that the persecution of the end times has already started. All over the world, Christians are being attacked, Bibles are being burned and churches are being shut down. This persecution has been escalating for  quite  some  time,  but  what  prompted  me  to write this article today was the dramatic change that we have witnessed in China this year. Up to this  point, the Chinese government has largely tolerated  the  booming  house  church  movement,  but  now  that era of toleration is officially over. New religious regulations that went into effect in February are being brutally enforced, and this is causing some  to  point  out  the  frightening  parallels  between Communist China and Nazi Germany.

bible burning

According to Fox News, during this new crackdown Chinese government officials have been “destroying crosses, burning bibles, closing churches and forcing Christian believers to sign papers renouncing their faith”…

The Chinese government is destroying crosses, burning bibles, closing churches and forcing Christian believers to sign papers renouncing their faith as the crackdown on religious congregations in Beijing and several provinces intensifies.

The suppression of religious freedoms is part of an official campaign to “Sinicize” religion by demanding loyalty to the atheist Communist party and removing any potential challenge to the party’s power in the country.

Doesn’t that sound quite similar to Nazi Germany and other tyrannical regimes?

If Christians refuse to sign these papers, they could lose their jobs or be cut off from all government benefits.

So let us pray for strength for our brothers and sisters in China, because many of them will be confronted   with some very hard choices.

According to the Express, authorities have also “raided Christian homes to remove religious symbols, arrested church members and seized churches”.  In  Henan  province  alone,  more  than  7,000  crosses have been destroyed, but other than Fox News most of the mainstream media outlets in the United States    have been completely silent about this very important story.

You can see some footage of Bibles being burned in China on Twitter right here. This is evil on a level that is hard to describe, and it seems to be getting worse with each passing month.

Earlier this month, one pastor was heartbroken after authorities burned crosses, Bibles and furniture after a raid on his church…

A Christian Pastor in the Henan city of Nanyang, whose name was not identified out of fear of retaliation by the authorities, reportedly confirmed that crosses, bibles and furniture were burned during a raid on his church on Sept. 5.

He added that local authorities were in discussions with the church about reforming it, but no  agreement had been reached.

According to Chinese laws, religious believers are allowed to worship only in government-sanctioned congregations. But many millions of Christians belong to underground or house churches that ignore government regulations.

So exactly what kind of “reform” did the authorities have in mind?

Basically, China wants churches to look like something out of a George Orwell novel. The following comes from CBN

Chinese Christians report authorities have urged church leaders to remove pictures of Jesus from their sanctuaries   and  replace them  with patriotic posters, or posters of  President Xi instead. They’ve suggested hymns be replaced with patriotic songs about the “wonderfulness of the Chinese Communist Party.”

Nettleton also said Chinese authorities are using advanced artificial intelligence software to monitor church attendees.

 “One pastor in Beijing not long ago was told by the government, ‘pastor we don’t mind if you continue   holding your services, we just want to put this camera on your platform looking out at the audience  and it’s attached to facial recognition software so  that  we  can  tell  who  comes  to  church  on Sunday and who’s there and what they are doing and how involved they are,'” he said.

Could you imagine going to a church like that?

I couldn’t.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is it.

This is the persecution of the last days, and it is only going to get worse.

In addition to everything else, the Chinese government is banning just about all expressions of faith on the Internet

In addition to these attacks, the Chinese government is implementing tight restrictions  on  online  content related to religion.  Images and descriptions of  religious activities  will be largely prohibited,  with exceptions   for organizations that have obtained licenses from the government — and even then, what kinds of religious content they may share  is  restricted.  As  the  Telegraph  reports,  “Individuals  would  be  forbidden  from posting photos, videos and even text related to religious activities, or sharing links related to preaching.”

This will happen here in the United States too eventually if we don’t fight it.

And of course it isn’t just in China that we are seeing a rise in persecution.

Just a couple weeks ago, Islamic radicals viciously attacked home churches in Egypt

Homes of Copts in the Minya region were attacked by hundreds of furious locals leaving two Christians with knife wounds in the head and face, World Watch Monitor reports.

Four homes were ransacked, looted and partially set on fire by a Muslim mob during the three-hour-long attack, which was reportedly in protest of one of the properties being used as a home church.

A local source for Christian persecution watchdog World Watch Monitor said the small Coptic community had been warned about the attack on August 31 a few days before it took place.

cross burning

And earlier this year in Ethiopia, a total of 69 churches were torched by radical Islamists…

On March 2nd, Muslims went on a rampage in an Islamic area of Ethiopia, beginning with an assault on churches in Asendabo. ICC and others alerted the world and called on the Ethiopian government to  intervene. Unfortunately, the local government did not intervene and the attacks continued for a week. When the smoke cleared, the damage was evident. The Muslims  had  burned  down  the  homes  of  30 Christian leaders, they had killed one Christian,  wounded  several  others,  and  torched  69 churches, a Bible school, and a  Christian  orphanage.  One of  the many wounded in these attacks was the grandson of a church elder who put himself in between the Muslim militants and his grandfather when they arrived to kill the elderly man. The Islamists attacked the young man with machetes – seriously wounding his head and hand and leaving him for dead. His family was forced to make a three-hour journey on foot to bring him to a hospital in a nearby city.

Hatred for Christians and the Christian faith is rapidly rising all over the planet, and this was something that I warned about in my book about Bible prophecy. We should do all that we can to put pressure on governments to stop persecuting Christians, but if we really  are in  the end times,  ultimately  the persecution is just going to continue to escalate.

The good news is that persecution always brings out the best in the people of God, and I believe that the greatest chapters of the Church are still ahead.

So let us pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters all over the world, and let us also prepare ourselves for the immense persecution that is on the horizon for all of us.

And now one of the most amazing and scariest things you ever heard a government doing! Read on:

 ·   China’s new ‘citizen points’ system! The new national ID and

 ‘worthiness’ system in China is being rolled out rapidly.



China has started ranking citizens with a creepy 'social credit' system — here's what you can do wrong, and the embarrassing, demeaning ways they can punish you

Alexandra MaAlexandra Ma

internet caffe

An internet cafe in Wuhan, China.REUTERS/Stringer

China plans to rank all its citizens based on their "social credit" by 2020. People can be rewarded or punished according to their scores.

Like private financial credit scores, a person's social scores can move up and down according to their behavior.

At the moment the system is piecemeal — some are run by city councils, while others are scored by private tech platforms that hold personal data.

Scroll down to see how you can be punished or rewarded.

The Chinese state is setting up a vast ranking system system that will monitor the behavior of its enormous population, and rank them all based on their "social credit."

The "social credit system," first announced in 2014, aims to reinforce the idea that "keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful," according to a government document.

The program is due to be fully operational nationwide by 2020, but is being piloted for millions of people across the country already. The scheme will be mandatory.

At the moment the system is piecemeal — some are run by city councils, others are scored by private tech platforms which hold personal data.

Like private credit scores, a person's social score can move up and down depending on their behavior. The exact methodology is a secret — but examples of infractions include bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games and posting fake news online.

1.  Banning you from flying or getting the train.


A railway station waiting hall in Hangzhou in February 2016.REUTERS/Stringer China has already started punishing people by restricting their travel.

Nine million people with low scores have been blocked from buying tickets for domestic flights, Channel News Asia reported in March, citing official statistics.


They can also clamp down on luxury options — three million people are barred from getting business-class train tickets.

The eventual system will punish bad passengers specifically. Potential misdeeds include trying to ride with no ticket, loitering in front of boarding gates, or smoking in no-smoking areas.

2.  Throttling your internet speeds.


This is according to Rachel Botsman, an author who published part of her book on tech security on Wired last year. The exact mechanics aren't clear yet.

According to Foreign Policy, credit systems monitor whether people pay bills on time, much like financial credit trackers — but also ascribe a moral dimension.

Other mooted punishable offences include spending too long playing video games, wasting money on frivolous purchases and posting on social media.

Spreading fake news, specifically about terrorist attacks or airport security, will also be punishable offences.

3.  Banning you — or your kids — from the best schools.


Students sing the national anthem in the playground during the flag-hoisting ceremony at their school in Shanghai.,

17 people who refused to carry out military service last year were barred from enrolling in higher education, applying for high school, or continuing their studies, Beijing News reported.

In July, a Chinese university denied an incoming student his spot because the student's father had a bad social credit score.

4.  Stopping you getting the best jobs.

gov office

The Great Hall of the People in Beijing, one of China's largest state buildings.

"Trust-breaking" individuals would also be banned from doing management jobs in state-owned firms and big banks. Some crimes, like fraud and embezzlement, would also have a big effect on social credit, Botsman reported.

5.  Keeping you out of the best hotels.

b hotel

The state-owned, five-star Beijing Hotel.James Jin/Flickr

People who refused military service were also banned from some holidays and hotels — showing that vacation plans are fair game too.

The regime rewards people here as well as punishes them.

People with good scores can speed up travel applications to places like Europe, Botsman said.

An unidentified woman in Beijing also told the BBC in 2015 that she was able to book a hotel without having to pay a cash deposit because she had a good score.

6.  Getting your dog taken away.

 The eastern Chinese city of Jinan started enforcing a social credit system for dog owners in 2017, whereby pet owners get points deducted if the dog is walked without a leash or causes public disturbances.

Those who lost all their points had their dogs confiscated and had to take a test on regulations required for pet ownership.

Read more: Chinese dog owners are being assigned a social credit score to keep them in check — and it seems to be working

7.  Being publicly named as a bad citizen.


China's President Xi Jinping looking disdainful in December 2017.REUTERS/Fred Dufour/Pool

Naming and shaming is another tactic available. A 2016 government notice encourages companies to consult the blacklist before hiring people or giving them contracts.

However, people will be notified by the courts before they are added to the list, and are allowed to appeal against the decision within ten days of receiving the notification.

It's not clear when the list will start to be implemented.

A prototype blacklist already exists, and has been used to punish people. via GIPHY

The scrolling list on the left shows individual's names alongside partially redacted ID numbers, while the one on the right shows company names.

Li Xiaolin, a lawyer who was placed on the list in 2015, found himself unable to purchase plane tickets home while on a work trip, Human Rights Watch reported. He also couldn't apply for credit cards.

Source: Chinese Supreme People's Court

This video, posted by freelance journalist James O'Malley, shows an announcement on a bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai warning people not to misbehave — or else their "behavior will be recorded in individual credit information system."


Read more: A creepy video shows how China warns its citizens to behave or get punished by its nationwide social credit system

There is also a list for good citizens — that will reportedly get you more matches on dating websites. The BBC said that Baihe, China's biggest dating site, is boosting the profiles of good citizens.

They can also get discounts on energy bills, rent things without deposits, and get better interest rates at banks.

These perks were available to people in Rongcheng, eastern China, whose city council rolled out a social credit system for its citizens and was profiled by Foreign Policy.

Despite the creepiness of the system — Human Rights Watch called it "chilling," while Botsman called it "a futuristic vision of Big Brother out of control" — some citizens say it's making them better people already.

A 32-year-old entrepreneur, who only gave his name as Chen, told Foreign Policy: "I feel like in the past six months,

people’s behaviour has gotten better and better.


"For example, when we drive, now we always stop in front of crosswalks. If you don’t stop, you will lose your points.

"At first, we just worried about losing points, but now we got used to it."

China Cracks Down on Christianity by Demolishing Churches, Confiscating Bibles

Posted by Megan Bailey

Embed from Getty Images

The ruling party in China is attempting to increase their control over religious freedom in the country, most recently by taking a crackdown on Christianity.

In the country’s province of Henan, which has one of the largest Christian populations in China, churches were raided and demolished, Bibles and holy books were confiscated and new laws were established to monitor religious activities.

One Christian named Guo described an incident in which Chinese officials interrupted a church meeting and told everyone to leave. They then ordered church leaders to remove a cross, a Bible verse and a painting of the Last Supper off the wall. Guo didn’t give his full name out of fear of government repercussions.

“I’ve always prayed for our country’s leaders, for our country to get stronger,” he told AP. “They were never this severe before, not since I  started going to church in the 80’s. Why   are they telling us to stop now?”

The intensity of the government crackdowns have increased in recent months. Just this year, they have shut down hundreds of Christian house churches, seized Bibles and forced e-commerce retailers to stop selling Bibles, prevented children from attending church in some areas, urged Christians in one location to replace posters of Jesus with pictures of President Xi Jinping, and raided church meetings and interrogated hundreds of Christians from one congregation.

To avoid becoming targets in the government campaign, many congregations are meeting   in smaller groups in person and online.

“We are trying to look more like a family that are here to chat and drink tea so no one

will report us to the police,” Enoch, a 22-year-old Christian in southern China, said.

“I’m really afraid it will be shut down one day,” said Enoch, who converted to

Christianity three years ago. “At the state church, I felt like I was listening to a lecture.

But at the family church, people know about each other and love each other.”

According to the Associated Press, experts said Presiden Xi is “waging the most severe systematic suppression of Christianity in the country since religious freedom was written into the Chinese constitution in 1982.”

Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/christnewstoday/2018/08/china- cracks-christianity-demolishing-churches-confiscating- bibles.html#s4pMKIqoxeZHSXSZ.99


China bans online sale of Bibles

china 675462 640

Didi Tang, Beijing

April 5 2018, 12:01am, The Times

Christians have faced harassment from the Chinese authorities CHINA PHOTOS/ GETTY I MAGES

Bibles have been withdrawn from sale online in China despite an official claim from Beijing that it allows freedom of worship.

Searches for the Bible from online shops returned no results. At least one

internet retailer, JD.com, was said to have been admonished for selling “illegal publications”.

The Bible is not on the list of officially approved publications in China but has been widely available to purchase on the internet.

The withdrawal indicates that Beijing is determined to curb the influence of Christianity, which has been growing rapidly in China, even as it released a white-paper report touting its commitment to freedom of religious worship.

The paper comes as Beijing negotiates with the Vatican over the appointment of senior clergy in the country. The ruling atheist Communist Party of China has proposed that it co-appoints bishops with the Holy See. Estimates of the number of Christians in China vary widely because a large number of worshippers do not register with the government as they are supposed to.


Official accounts suggest that there are 38 million Protestants and six million Catholics, but independent scholars believe that the total could be nearer 100 million, raising the possibility that the number of Christians could rival the 89 million members of the Communist Party.

Christians have faced harassment from the authorities, who are concerned that the religion could undermine the party’s authority. Crosses have been removed from churches and houses in the eastern province of Zhejiang.

The government wants foreign religions to be “Sinicized”, meaning that religious institutions must pledge loyalty to the party rule. By  law Chinese worshippers must pray in government-sanctioned churches but many choose to meet in home churches that do not register with the authorities and are subjected to occasional clampdowns.

The white paper claims that religious freedom is protected under the country’s socialist system. It also said that religious communities in China must be independent from outside influence.

“The Chinese government supports all religions in upholding the principle of

independence and self-management,” the document said.

“Actively guiding religions in adapting to the socialist society means guiding religious believers to . . . be subordinate to and serve the overall interests of the nation and the Chinese people,” the white paper said.

“It also means guiding religious groups to support the leadership of the

Communist Party of China and the socialist system.”

William Nee, a China researcher for Amnesty International, said that all people need to be allowed access to the Bible, and urged the government to reverse the ban.

“For a government that only yesterday claimed to be supporting religious freedom, it is ridiculous that the core book of a major world religion cannot be found on the major Chinese e-commerce platforms,” he said.

While the battle between the Communist Party and Christianity is quite old, the nation recently took another step towards suppression by banning the online sale of Bibles.


In an effort to promote “traditional values,” the Chinese government has actively been promoting Buddhism and Taoism, as well as folk religions, while clamping down on the spread of Christianity and Islam. This has forced many Christian churches to go underground. While the Times newspaper in the UK cites the nation as boasting 38 million Protestants and six million Catholics, the data are hard to accurately assess considering the unwillingness of some members to claim their faith.



Well sorry everyone we have not met the deadline to do this last part. It will come  out sometime in 2019. Praise the Lord. I can assure you it’s  very  exciting information as it will affect you!

Please pray for China and all us missionaries working inside or investing in it. The harvest is still plenteous. God bless you. Please pray and give generously to help     our 4 teams in the Greater China area. Thank you.

Love in Jesus Jerry

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