Exerpt from the exciting new book 'White British Christians' by Jerry Finch

Politicians in general are not known for being saved, born again creatures, albeit with a few notable exceptions. They live in a world of power, greed and significant temptation and many unseen influences, not least of which are spiritual forces for good or evil.

In this respect also, they have been responsible for allowing a huge amount of non-white people into the United Kingdom for many years. The reasons for this are myriad. However, from one perspective we can say that these politicians are ‘gatekeepers’. Of course, the people elected them in our so-called democratic system, but usually I feel without having so much understanding of what and who they were electing in times past.

These gate keepers have allowed millions of people of other religions into this once primarily Christian land. I think we have not understood how much spiritual darkness has therefore entered into this country. We can say as Christians that many of these people have indeed accepted the Saviour, but if you consider that such a number is possibly going to statistically be around 6-8% of their populations you are looking at somewhere around 90%, conservatively speaking, of Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims who have been established in this land and kept their cultures and religions and languages.

This was very tolerant and ‘Christian’ of the great white majority, to allow this entry into the promised land of the United Kingdom, but we can see today, if we are honest, that there has not been a successful integration of the majority of these many peoples into one culture. In fact, this is increasingly fracturing as time goes by. I have written about this previously in my popular article ‘Immigration and Emigration--a Bible study!’

This has had an emotional effect on many people here in the UK as well as on us as White British Christians. The first general effect is Confusion. We feel confused because we understand that God made of one blood all peoples of the earth and has also determined the bounds (boundaries or borders) of their habitation.

Acts 17:26: And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

God created the original borders and races and where the sons of Noah went to* and prophesied over them as to their futures. Today this establishing that God originally made has been usurped by others, we don’t know who exactly. But it’s a process that has gone against the Word of God, so that today we find the western world full of a mix of cultures in some glorious feigned ‘celebration of culture and diversity’ This is actually a process that was originally secretly and deliberately established to strip nations of their nationhood and make it easier for us to be controlled in the antichrist world of the future. *See Genesis all of chapters 9 and10.

I don’t believe any or certainly very few White British Christians are inherently racist, but I believe we have been sold a lie by these gatekeepers and are left to live with the consequences, while at the same time we are increasingly marginalised in this society as white Christians. There is a war against the white race going on around the world in some countries. This is not an accident. It’s coming or has come here also.

So, this whole affair has definitely had some detrimental influence upon us. We live with it every day. The bottom line is that God has allowed it, the last days are here. It’s all a part of the end time program. I believe as white people we should pray about that and how we fit into the new world the gatekeepers have created for us. We should also pray about who we are in the mind of God. Because it’s very possible persecution against both whites and Christians will increase in this society both in the immediate as well as the foreseeable future. You may not see it overtly too much now, but it is coming! A classic example is the fate of the white South Africans. (The Boer).

It’s been predicted using present day birth rates, that Europe will be a majority Muslim continent within the next 40 to 50 years! At the moment of writing this, very few mainstream politicians discuss this, it’s all shooed or hidden under the mutually agreed carpet. Very few politicians who ‘care about their careers’ can discuss this, unless they wish to form or go and be part of an independent, populist or ‘right wing’ movement.

It’s like Europe and the UK are actually committing suicide but no one can talk about it! Thank God, a few brave souls have spoken up for years and have been derided, which is often the price of the Truth in this world.

On the positive side of this though we as Christians can see that God has allowed some of the world’s harvest to come literally to our doors. What we do with that opportunity is up to us also.