Exclusive: Linda Harvey sees anti-Truth pagan practice in silencing of Christians

Linda Harvey

There’s no question Christians and conservatives are being denied a voice in much of America’s public square these days. But what’s really behind the left’s tyranny on the campuses of Berkeley, Middlebury, Claremont McKenna, University of Wisconsin and others?

There’s a pagan precept involved, even if these rioters don’t know it.

Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos and David Horowitz are not welcome at Berkeley. Their views apparently cannot be allowed expression. Nor can the realities of abortion be revealed to students at a Pennsylvania high school.

Have you seen the video of the unhinged, vulgar rampage of a self-described homosexual educator against peaceful, pro-life teen demonstrators?

The Downingtown, Pennsylvania, assistant principal loudly sang, “I love a parade!” to drown out the voices of two teens trying to witness about the tragedy of abortion.

Then there’s that teacher in Tampa who cringes at the sight of crosses in her classroom. She, too, is a homosexual, “partnered” with another lesbian teacher.

Or how about protesters at town hall meetings in Louisiana and Michigan who screamed, “Separation of church and state!” over opening prayers?

These street-thug tactics are now commonplace. I’ve experienced similar irrational ploys during peaceful protests and press conferences as rabid homosexuals tried to deny our group a voice. Chanting, bullhorns and blocking presenters are common maneuvers.

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