By Tracy You For Mailonline

  • Nation combines its capital with nearby cities to form a 'megatropolis'
  • The region would cover 83,403 square miles and have 100 million people
  • Rail network has been planned to realise a 'one-hour commute zone'
  • Another mega-city is forming in southern China with 64 million residents

A mega-city is set to appear in China, which would be home to around one-tenth of the country's population.

More than 100 million residents would be living within the 'megatropolis', which is larger than Britain, or some 137 times the size of London.

The authority plans to build an extensive network of high-speed railways and motorways to make sure that by 2020, residents of the humongous Jing-Jin-Ji urbanised region would spend less than an hour on their commutes.

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