Jerry (Flashback October 2015)

And how it may affect even you!

Important news about China and its society in Autumn 2015!

  1. 1. TianJin explosion- the Endtime.
  2. Churches, Christmas and NGO’s in China.

The TIANJIN EXPLOSION kills 114 people and injures many more!

A few days to a week before the so-called chemical explosion in Tianjin China on August 15th, 2015, the air around the city was full of military manoeuvres by fleets of helicopters.

It seems the Chinese Government already knew something was going to happen, just they didn’t know exactly what it was.

Independent Scientists and experts looking at the after-photos of the explosion on the ground in TianJin have concluded, that this was not an ‘on the ground’ chemical explosion, but that the actual explosion took place much deeper underground and was the result of an impact of a bomb from the sky (space)!

This is more than likely the ‘Kinetic bomb’ developed by the USA Pentagon, often called the ‘Rod of God’. So what we are saying is that more than likely the disaster we saw on that day was in fact a military strike by the USA on China most likely in retaliation for Beijing’s devaluation of its currency the Yuan, which America had been warning them (not to do) for some time.

Further to that explosion, a couple of days later, a US Military Munitions base in Japan was blown sky high by what many believe were saboteurs. Could these have been Chinese agents working on the ground in Japan? It’s a possibility.

A day or two after the munitions dump exploded in Japan, there was another huge explosion in China in Shandong Province in the east of China, also at a ‘chemical factory’. We have no word about this yet. But what is important from all this is that:

Most of us have not fully realised that America and China have actually been waging a fierce covert war for some years, at least since the ‘capturing’ of the US Spy plane in Hainan island in 2001.,8542,468363,00.html

Chinese military in the skies over TianJin, August 2015

America has used a strategy of encirclement and containing the rise of China by placing military bases in some of its nearest neighbours both in Central Asia (former Soviet Communist countries and also in Japan, Philippines, Taiwan and others).

The Chinese are not stupid and have responded by a vast military expansion in the last 15 years as well as appropriating small islands or even large outcroppings of rocks in the South China Sea where they are now building forward military bases. Even though these small islands are also claimed by Thailand, Philippines of Vietnam etc!

We are not sure what’s going to happen next. Possibly both sides will look at the effects of these events and plan their next steps, if any.

Photo of crater left by the explosion in TianJin, August 2015
Explosion map site

Churches, Christians and Christmas and NGO’s.

Here are some interesting facts as they stand today in China, September 2015.

Since the new Government took power 3 years ago in China, there has been an increase in persecution of Christians and the demolishing and bulldozing of several churches in various parts of the country. Churches in China have now for the most part had their crosses removed from the walls of the church, this is supposed to be for ‘health and safety reasons’.

More stepped up monitoring of churches has taken place and also last Christmas there was a new groundswell movement against ‘Christmas’ by a small but vocal part of the Chinese population including many (patriotic) young people. Their premise was that Christianity and Christmas is a foreign religion and they didn’t want it in China. This was allowed and encouraged by the authorities. It will be interesting to see if this waxes or wanes this year.

Strict new laws regarding NGO’s in China have been effected or are being brought in, to bring more government oversight of NGO’s both foreign and domestic.

The main aim seems to be that the Government police can now investigate directly any group they have any suspicions about, even though most of the NGO’s (or charities) do aggregate work with children, orphans, disabled, poor, widows, healthcare, AIDS relief, etc. Anything not deemed under the umbrella of abiding by ‘Chinese law’ will be banned. These are very wide terms of the new law and also a deeper investigation into the finances in each NGO is going to happen. Anyone voicing dissent about this is being arrested at the present time.