Nature Calms the Brain and Heals the Body

By David Suzuki

For the most part, our brains didn’t evolve in cities. But in a few decades, almost 70 percent of the world’s people will live in urban environments. Despite the prosperity we associate with cities, urbanization presents major health challenges. Cities, with their accelerated pace of life, can be stressful. The results are seen in the brains and behavior of those raised in cities or currently living in one.

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Why Doesn't the Church Offer More Teaching on Dreams, Deliverance or Miracles?

Mark Virkler

Question: Why doesn't my church take dreams seriously? I have lots of dreams.

In the Bible, God gave dreams that provided counsel, guidance, gifts and promises. I want this! Why isn't there more training on it? I don't want to have to go to the New Age movement to learn about the supernatural.

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We Love 'Disruptors'

David Ferguson

But It's Regular People Who Keep the World Afloat

This week, Fortune magazine pointed to a provocative essay by Lee Vinsel and Andrew Russell titled Hail the maintainers, which says that as a society, we are overvaluing innovators and desperately undervaluing the engineers, cleaners, repair technicians and service personnel that keep everything running.

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Michael Savage: “West Will Collapse” Without Christian Revival

Selwyn Duke

There has never been a successful and long-lasting atheistic civilization — and there never will be — is the opinion of many astute observers. And it’s also apparently the belief of radio giant Michael Savage, as he issued a dire warning on his Wednesday show.

“Unless Christianity receives a new enthusiasm that sweeps the Western world, and Christianity itself rises up against the forces against it,” he said, “the entire West will collapse in your lifetime.”

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Maybe It’s Time American Christians Head for the Hills

Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Is it time to head for the hills? That’s what St Benedict did. By the end of the fifth century the great Roman Empire had completely collapsed. The center of government had moved to Constantinople. The Vandals and Goths had sacked Rome, and the church and people had drifted into decadence and despair.

As a young man Benedict went to study in Rome, but soon gave up and retreated to Subiaco to live as a hermit.

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Death, Dying and Going to Heaven

Jerry Finch

For some time the Lord has been bringing home to me some truths about 'death' and passing on to the next world. I say that because over the last two or three years, a lot of my friends and colleagues and some wonderful sponsors for missions have 'died'. I’d like to first tell you about a few of them and then share what I learned and am thinking. Perhaps it may helpful to you.

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