Jerry Finch

By the word 'content' we mean the noun and not the verb. The noun 'content' with the meaning of ingredient or what's inside something, or what the content is.

Content is very important in life. This message may start out a little secular in nature, but bear with me and you will see that what we are saying has a very spiritual side as we move on.

Without Content everything is an empty hole. I once became aware of 'content' (what's inside) in a strange way when I lived in China.

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A Giving Testimony

Jerry Finch

Giving is one of the greatest joys for a Christian or even for any human really! It truly is ‘more blessed to give than to receive.’

There are so many factors involved in giving to God: faith in the Word, joy, attitude of our hearts, stewardship, vision, diligence, love, obedience and quite a few more!

I had always been aware that I should give to God and that the tithe (10% of our income) was not the ceiling to reach in my giving but the floor from which to stand on, and from there to give even more.

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A Dream in Barbados

Jerry Finch

I would like to tell the story of our travels in the Caribbean in 1980 because this story is about an amazing dream. Again, we were 'living by faith'. We shared the Gospel with the generally friendly people of Barbados. We were still young and quite innocent in our faith and expected God to do just about anything He had promised in His Holy Word! In our case this included supply, as that was an almost daily necessity!

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What Do Missionaries (And Pastors) Do?

In a sense we are all missionaries when we become Christians. We can all be ‘sent with a message’ which is what the word ‘Apostle' means! So I hope you feel encouraged reading this blog post. Please pray for those who give their full time to missions and pastoral work. Without all of us God’s work can’t go on! The list I have made includes just a few things that came to my mind about what missionaries and pastors do. You may be able to think of many more!! God bless you! We are praying for you! --Jerry

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What If the Orlando Murderer Were a Christian?

Dennis Prager

Many people are surely asking, "What if the gunman from the Orlando, Florida shooting were a Christian?"

Why? Because little would be said by the mainstream media and leading Democratic politicians -- from the president on down -- if the murderer were an anti-gay Christian.

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Tiny Christian Church in Holy War with Islam

Leo Hohmann

A local pastor at a tiny church in Hood River, Oregon, a small town on the banks of the Columbia River, is taking on the world’s fastest growing religion and not backing down.

The Rev. Michael Harrington, 74, leads the Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church in a rural outpost along I-84 about an hour and 10 minutes east of Portland.

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