Why Successful Churches Aren’t Turning the World Upside-Down – But the Outcasts Might

Karl Vaters

Where are the Christian innovators who will put a dangerous passion for Jesus ahead of personal ministry success?

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What Our Sponsors Say!

Following are testimonies of what our supporters say about the China and AMMC Missions!

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How Long Is Your Life?

These are the number of years divided into days. Recently the Lord showed me to count my life in DAYS and not years, this has resulted in quite a change inside my spirit. Have a look yourself and see how this may relate to you. God bless you.



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Immigration and Emigration

A Bible Study! Wow!

Jerry Finch

There is a lot in the world today being spoken about Immigration, Migrants and Emigration. Immigration is when a person or a people from another country enter and live in another country which is not their own, usually and most frequently for the purpose of work and/or a better life.

When a person or people leave their own original country where they were born, they ‘emigrate’. The country receiving them calls them ‘immigrants’ or more often they are initially called ‘migrants’.

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Forgetting and Thankfulness

Jeremy Finch

One of the greatest sins of the Jews was that they forgot God and His wonders and miracles He had done for them in the land of Ham (Egypt). They forgot His miracles and what God was capable of. They forgot to tell their children and it passed eventually from their collective memories.

As they forgot, they automatically lost the awareness to be thankful to the Lord for all His mercies and how He had carried them through such tough days, all He had provided for them, the miracles; both big and small were consigned to an irrelevant history that they felt had no meaning for them today in their BC modern world.

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Counterfeits and Fakes in China

Jerry Finch

Includes: You are a fake!

Necessity is the mother of invention. Perhaps it is necessity, which has allowed the Chinese fakers to always be there throughout its history. Necessity. Necessity for money, survival. Perhaps it is the same mental attitude as gambling. For whatever reasons, China is the land of the fake and the land of face. Two potentially dangerous, to you, four letter words.

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