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Reactions To Jerry Finch Books

Greetings everyone, I wanted to pass on to you some of the reactions of my last   two books and a few before that in one file here below. I pray you will visit my site and buy some of them to help my ministry go forward. They are inspiring  and I  thank God He helped me write them.

Love Jerry        see


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What's Really Going On In China, Part 2

From Jerry December 5th, 2018

Please make sure you read this if at all possible and pray. Thank you.

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Word from the Lord for 2019

Dearest friends and mission supporters, brothers and sisters in Christ, God bless you.   
When praying about 2019 and what our message should be, the Lord, I believe showed me the verse Isaiah 26:20 

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How the Chinese Would Have Handled the Jeremy Clarkson 'Fracas"

Jerry Finch

There is a huge difference between ‘Customer Services’ in China and the UK. Having lived in both countries for more than ten years each, I can unequivocally say, without prejudice, and I am sorry, sincerely sorry, for the shock this may cause in some circles, that the Chinese are light years ahead in customer services and also in how to handle sensitive HR situations.

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What I Think About Feminism

By Jerry Finch

That is what feminism is: class warfare; a Marxism-based struggle for power in which women have been induced to rise up against men, having been led by extremists to believe that men have historically kept certain rights from women and have subdued and dominated them through patriarchy; which, in simple terms, is men creating society for their own advantage.


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