How the Chinese Would Have Handled the Jeremy Clarkson 'Fracas"

Jerry Finch

There is a huge difference between ‘Customer Services’ in China and the UK. Having lived in both countries for more than ten years each, I can unequivocally say, without prejudice, and I am sorry, sincerely sorry, for the shock this may cause in some circles, that the Chinese are light years ahead in customer services and also in how to handle sensitive HR situations.

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What I Think About Feminism

By Jerry Finch

That is what feminism is: class warfare; a Marxism-based struggle for power in which women have been induced to rise up against men, having been led by extremists to believe that men have historically kept certain rights from women and have subdued and dominated them through patriarchy; which, in simple terms, is men creating society for their own advantage.


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Happy Easter -- the Amazing story of the Miracle Baby!


Dear Friends,

This is such a beautiful time of the year! We pray you are able to take time to draw close to Jesus and appreciate the great sacrifice that God made for each one of us and for all humanity!

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The Curse of Multiculturalism

Exerpt from the exciting new book 'White British Christians' by Jerry Finch

Politicians in general are not known for being saved, born again creatures, albeit with a few notable exceptions. They live in a world of power, greed and significant temptation and many unseen influences, not least of which are spiritual forces for good or evil.

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Be Prepared to Die (For Jesus)

Exerpt from the exciting new book 'White British Christians' by Jerry Finch

I remember a time when I sadly realised I was not ready to die for Jesus. It was shocking to me. I felt ashamed when I realised what a coward I was.

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Christian Worship Music. Can Some of It Harm Us?

Excerpted from part three of the explosive new book:

‘White British Christians’ due for release in 2018 by Jerry Finch.

This is strange to suggest that ‘Christian worship’ could actually be part of the negative ‘world’ that Christians are required to overcome. Let me explain.

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