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The War is Over (Andrew Wommack)

God Is Not Mad, So Stop Struggling with Sin and Judgment - The War Is Over will either make you glad or mad, but you won’t be indifferent anymore. God loves you in spite of what you do or don’t do; His love for you isn’t based on your performance. This message could bring the breakthrough in your relationship with God that you so desire and help you become reconciled to God.

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The Effects of Praise (Andrew Wommack)

This book will show you how you can walk in a new level of praise in your personal relationship with the Lord. You will be amazed at the effect a praise-filled life will have on your daily life and on your relationship with God.

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Spirit, Soul & Body (Andrew Wommack)

Spirit, Soul & Body will help you to eliminate many doubt-filled questions that destroy your faith. If you have trouble receiving from God, this is a must-read!

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Lessons from David: How to Be a Giant Killer (Andrew Wommack)

Rather than having to go through your own hard knocks, the author, Andrew Wommack, encourages us to learn these life lessons from David. There's a better way than finding out these truths through your own mistakes. It's better to learn at David's expense.

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Financial Stewardship (Andrew Wommack)

Experience The Freedom Of Turning Your Finances over To God. In his book, Financial Stweardship,  Andrew Wommack teaches the Scriptural principles that go to the heart of financial problems—and success.

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Megashift (Exerpt)

Jame Rutz's refreshing outlook illuminates an upsurge of power and activity in the body of Christ. A megashift of spiritual power into the hands of ordinary people is about to overwhelm the world and put it into vastly better shape.

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Shake off the Dust

True stories of God's love, mercy, judgement, supply, miracles and victory in the Christian Life
Author Jerry Finch

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God Made the Rainbow

WHAT I WOULD TELL MY SON ABOUT ... Homosexuals and Homosexuality
Recommended reading age: 18 years+
Author Jerry Finch

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Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92) was England's best-known preacher for most of the second half of the nineteenth century. Faith's Checkbook is full of precious promises arranged for daily use wth brief experimental comments by Charles H. Spurgeon. It provides daily encouragement for Christians.

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The Challenge of Missions (A.B. Simpson)

A.B. Simpson was a Canadian preacher, theologian, author, and founder of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, an evangelical Protestant denomination with an emphasis on global evangelism. He has been widely recognized as one of the foremost missionary leaders of the century.

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The Challenge of Missions (Oswald Smith)

Oswald J. Smith was a Canadian pastor whose life's goal was to evangelize the world and bring the Gospel to all people before Christ's return. He was driven to make the foreign mission field the main priority of the church. His life motto was, "You must go, or send a substitute" and "Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice before everyone has heard it once?" He was a remarkable man with an unabated mission that will not only encourage you but stir you to do the same.

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Faith that Prevails

Smith Wigglesworth referred to by some as the “Apostle of Faith”, was a pioneer of the Pentecostal revival that began about a century ago. This book is a collection of seven sermons preached by Wigglesworth that were originally printed in periodicals and then reproduced.

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Ever Increasing Faith

Ever Increasing Faith is the first collection of Smith Wigglesworth sermons to be published. Smith Wigglesworth was from a very poor background. He was a plumber by trade, but he abandoned his trade after he started preaching. Wigglesworth became a world-reknowned evangelist who God used to bring healing, faith and revelation to thousands during his lifetime.

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