Weekly Christian Focus 59

In Revelation chapter 6 we
find Jesus Christ the Lamb the
only entity in Heaven who is
able and worthy to open the
seven-sealed scroll of the future.
(See also chapter 5). The
first four seals, when individually
opened reveal four horses,
spiritual beings possessing
powers, who have ridden and
will ride across the nations of
the earth throughout time!

Weekly Christian Focus 58

This week I would like to share
about the very exciting subject
of Hell. Hell is an actual place
that is mentioned around 54
times in the Bible according to
what I can find. Hell is a place
or destination that today we really
don’t hear very much about,
except if someone might say,
‘go to hell’, which is quite rude!
Here are some excellent points
to consider

Weekly Christian Focus 57

“ Dearest friends, God bless you. Times are changing and the methods of operation of
God’s people are also changing quite rapidly.
I believe that soon it may become difficult in many countries to operate as we used to, and
it may very well be necessary to learn how to face greater persecution, and in some cases
learn how to live as an underground Christian as happens in some parts of the world today.
For this reason the British Underground church was formed and I pray this edition of the
WCF will be interesting and fascinating to you, as we all think and pray about following
Jesus Christ into the future”.
love Jerry

Weekly Christian Focus 56

There are a great many things
to be confused about in this
temporary existence. Sometimes
it’s confusion about people,
situations or decisions and
a myriad of other things. The
devil is the spirit of confusion
while on the other hand the Bible
says: ‘God is not the author
of confusion, but of Peace.’

Weekly Christian Focus 55

There is a lot in the world
today being spoken about Immigration,
Migrants and Emigration.
Immigration is when
a person or a people from another
country enter and live in
another country which is not
their own, usually and most
frequently for the purpose of
work and/or a better life.

Weekly Christian Focus 54

Gathering together’, or assembling
have been passing
through my mind for some
weeks. I think this may be God
trying to teach me something.
Over the last two years, with
help and encouragement I
have started down a pathway
to form an underground
church in the country I now
live in.

Weekly Christian Focus 53

What exactly is God in
His Love leading us to do or
• Are our hearts open to
the pouring out of His love into
our hearts?
• Do we need to know the
consequences of our actions
or words if they are done in
love from God?

Weekly Christian Focus 52

This week marks the
52nd edition and the end of
the first years’ volume of the
WCF! (We will be working on
creating a digital book of all
the 52 editions in the near
future, and will let you

Weekly Christian Focus

It’s my feeling that I and perhaps other Christians may not be taking divine appointments more prayerfully and seeing God working in our lives and in the lives of others in the equation.