Weekly Christian Focus 94

Well, when I or someone else
says something like that, you
know Lord, there are going to
time for sitting on the fence or
even the far side of the fence
will be over!

Weekly Christian Focus 93

So, in this edition, I’d like to
share some encouragement
to you who wish to read the
Word of God and share it with
others, those who want to be
pastors, writers, authors, and
even singers/musicians++ for
Jesus Christ, and of course the
most important job- to speak
the Word of God to people in
some form!

Weekly Christian Focus 92

There are hundreds
of lessons in ‘Joseph’ but
today I am purely focusing
on the Meticulousness
and Diligence of this great
man. I am also supplying
considerable information
from the internet about the
granaries and buildings he had
built in Egypt, which you may
never have heard about before!

Weekly Christian Focus 91

Mind-boggling testimonies,
I was deeply moved when I
read these.
There is a small caveat, God
can do anything, and He will.
I feel in these testimonies
the mothers and fathers had
their hearts right with God.
This is also an important
point if we want to see miracles
from the Lord today.

Weekly Christian Focus 90

You, as a young person in
your local family, and your
local community, you really
only need to know one thing:
that is, that you love Jesus,
you have found out that He
is your Saviour and that He
saved you

Weekly Christian Focus 89

I understand I have left out a lot
of ‘well, what about this and what
about that?’ stuff about the Catholics.
Well, I am not really interested
in that in THIS edition. The point
is as the world grows darker, we
must find ways to serve the Lord
with all our hearts and minds and
souls. And also, to find those, if at
all possible, of similar mindsets.

Weekly Christian Focus 88

What these and other verses show are three or four very important points: the first is that God loves each of us with an intense love. Secondly, He wanted to deliver us from the judgement and anger of His judgements which our sins deserved. Thirdly, to accomplish this He allowed His Son Jesus to be made a sacrifice in order that God could make us sit in heavenly places and to demonstrate His eternal Love to us, simply because of the Kindness of His heart.

Weekly Christian Focus 87

What does it take to raise
someone from the dead? Do
only certain types of people
and situations and disciples
qualify for this event?

Weekly Christian 86

All I know is
that the opposite thing happened,
and that by standing in the freezing
wind and weather and snow
at times, above an icy river, with
a fever and all my bones aching
and so on, the Lord did something
to heal me.