Weekly Christian Focus 77

So, God appoints.
God commissions and
God sends out a person into
this world to serve Him.
God doesn’t need any other
commissions or body of men
to do that!

Weekly Christian Focus 76

Welcome! We are continuing
thoughts and messages about
children (and teens) and how we
as parents, grandparents etc can
keep them pointed to the Truth of

Weekly Christian Focus 75

Children are souls that God
wants you and your husband or
wife, or even just yourself if you
are a single parent, to point towards
Jesus Christ and true faith
in God, to know Him and to Love
Him forever. This is the primary
goal and responsibility we have.

Weekly Christian Focus 74

Wokery produces agitated
This is very important to remember
as believers. It’s also the ‘Spirit
of the Prince of the air which now
works in the children of disobedience’.
So wokery is a sign of disobedience
to God in all its forms.
(Ephesians 2:1-3)
Luke 12:1b Be on your guard
against the leaven (ferment) of
the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy
[producing unrest and violent agitation].
Wokery eventually produces
violence if left unchallenged or

Weekly Christian Focus 72

Jesus said this to Martha for
her own good, and since He had
affection for both the sisters and
Lazarus, He was not averse to telling
her the Truth in Love. We are
worried and anxious about many
things! How awful to be that way.

Weekly Christian Focus 71

is a good time to reflect on two
things: am I really cognizant about
how much fakery and wokery
surrounds me and voices that will
lead me down the wrong road in
my life?

Weekly Christian Focus 70

‘Human Rights’ in
the language of today trumps
everything else. You need the
right to remain in the country
you emigrated to even if you
have committed crimes in that
country. You need the right
to do just about anything you
think in your brain you have
a right to do or say. But this doesn’t really work with God
actually, most of us will be
pleased to hear.

Weekly Christian Focus 68

Truly we urgently and daily
need wisdom for all manner of
things, events, scenarios and
decisions. The right answers
may often be quite different to
what our mind thinks.

Weekly Cristian Focus 68, Special Edition

The subject of the Queen Elizabeth
II, or even any King and
the Monarchy itself is a huge
subject. I will only be able to
touch on a few very key points
in this edition. Nearly half the
population of this planet has
just watched the funeral of
Queen Elizabeth II.