December 2022 Newsletter, India

Dear Friends, We hope you are having good start of this New year 2023. We pray that you continue make progress in your business and family lives. Continues to be a shining light to everyone in your part of world where we live and your work place. Life is taught us how to make right choices so we can be more successful and giving a helping hand to needy and ones who can’t help themselves.

News From Taiwan Dec 2022

The Omicron and the B variant of Covid-19 have been quite widespread since the end of 2021. At one point
Taiwan had over 54,000 cases a day! This time many young children were affected.
Thank God–He’s never given us too much to bear, the symptoms have been a lot lighter as well. Many folk
around us have come down with it, even those who have taken 2-4 vaccines, and have recovered in a few
The Lord

News From Ecuador, October 2022

The seed that Catholicism, albeit
an inherited faith here, has
planted, is ready to be watered
and harvested with the final
understanding of ETERNAL


This month’s newsletter is about the amazing healing of one of our China Missionaries, Polly. This article has many lessons and fascinating thoughts about sickness, the devil’s attacks and the importance of prayer for God’s people. I pray the Lord will use this to speak deeply to everyone.
God bless you. Love Jerry