Sowing in the UK

AMMC has been sowing financially into various Christian works in the United Kingdom over the past 5 years.

The works we have supported in the UK include:

AMMC project

  • Helping a mission to the homeless in London run by the Church of God of Prophecy. They minister once a month to homeless people by way of hot meals and some witness also takes place.
  • We have helped to partially sponsor a young Indian man who serves the Lord with YWAM in the United Kingdom. We have helped with some funds for his board and training at the centre where he is living.
  • AMMC contributes toward supplying Christian literature which is used in the greater Manchester area in street evangelism.
  • We have donated to a young Derbyshire Pastor's new mission work in the north of the country.
  • AMMC has given (in a very small way) to "The Message Trust", an inspiring organisation in the Manchester area. They reach deprived communities as well as conduct work amoung young prisoners or young offenders and help them find Jesus.

Please help us to send and support  missionaries in difficult fields and here in the United Kingdom! Your donations are making a difference!