1) Preparation for persecution

Serious persecution of Christians in Europe and North America is now almost inevitable. Are you preparing for this day and those times? Would you know how to react when direct persecution comes to you as an individual and your family or church? Our one day workshop/seminar is designed to help you or your church or network prepare practically, spiritually and mentally and even materially for such an event.

This workshop will teach us not only how to survive but be successful for God in the middle of persecution. This is a full on workshop with lots of content and advice both general and specific.

How long is the Seminar/Workshop?

This current seminar is a one day event. It will cover 5 hours of input, divided into three sections. We’d like to begin around 9.30 am and generally follow this format: One hour and three quarters input. Half an hour break. One hour and three quarters input. Lunch. Final session of one and a half hours. (Includes question times in each session).

Who can attend?

We welcome any born again Christian to attend. This is primarily an adult seminar with some adult information. A minimum age of at least 16 years is therefore suggested at your discretion as parents and pastors.

What’s the content?

We are not sharing all the content of our seminar/workshop on this web site, however here are just a few of the many points which will be covered. This should give you a taste for how interesting and useful it really is for all who love the Lord! All points will also reflect the training already in the Word of God.

  • What is persecution?
  • How will this persecution be manifested in Europe and the UK?
  • How you and your loved ones can be prepared mentally spiritually and physically.
  • Understanding various levels of persecution. (In this workshop we call these ‘mild’ ‘heavy’ and death’).
  • How your church and network can be strong during persecution.
  • How I realised I wasn’t prepared for serious persecution and what I did about it.
  • Who are our enemies and why we should ‘know them’.
  • Learning ‘what is security’? Both physically and spiritually.
  • Changing our mindsets through the Word of God about persecution and understanding the benefits.
  • Practicing ‘communicating spiritually’ with your brothers and sisters. (This is one of at least three ‘activities’ that can be practiced from this workshop with your local Christian friends. We are sure you will find these fun and amazing as well as helpful and necessary for the future.)
  • Knowing ‘how to answer every man (and woman) that asks you’ or persecutes you.
  • Contingency Plans.

Who are you and why are you qualified to give this information?

Some of us who founded the AMMC (this web site you are on) have lived as missionaries in underground situations for over ten years. In our case this is in China. We learned over this time a great deal about persecution, security, winning souls in adverse conditions and pastoring a flock in dangerous circumstances.

When are these workshops available?

We hope to kick off these workshops from the beginning of July 2017. Due to other commitments, we are only available to do this on a Saturday.

Where will they be held?

We would like to offer these events at your church or in the home of someone from your church or network who could host such a gathering.

How much do these seminars cost?

The present price we are asking is £55 per person for the Workshop, with a minimum of 8 people attending*. We also ask if the church or network hosting the event could organise snacks or lunch etc.

*At the moment we live near London. We are quite able to travel to you, whether you are in the south or the Midlands. But for further afield locations in the UK we do ask if you can to find at least 10 attendees. This will help us cover costs etc.

Due to logistics, we are not delivering these seminars in Wales or Scotland at this moment in time.

We ask for a payment of half the workshop fee a week before delivery date.

What happens afterwards?

Well, we hope that would just be the beginning. We would like very much to keep in touch with our brothers and sisters in the UK and form a long lasting friendship in the Lord. We also offer free advice and prayer by email etc and follow up to any of the points brought up in this workshop.

What if we don’t have the required number of people?

If you feel these seminars are needed by you or just a few people, please get in touch with us anyway and we can discuss this. God bless you.

How do we contact you?

Contact us via our dedicated phone number for this and the following seminars, which is 07442 520 314 . Please call between 10 am to 2 pm any day except Sundays. Thank you. You can also email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (outside UK: +44 7442 520 314)

2) Training for Missionaries/Christians going to live in "closed" or "semi-closed" countries.

In such potentially dangerous countries, without proper training and wisdom and preparation, your ministry may easily have an abrupt end, early exit or worse.

AMMC thoroughly advises on clandestine Christian operations in such places as: the Middle East, China, parts of Africa and certain Central European nations. Anyone having a burden to serve the Lord there will greatly benefit from this one-day workshop.

Some of the founders of AMMC have worked for many years in security-sensitive countries. We have therefore learned a great deal of lessons, some the hard way, concerning how to operate in politically or culturally hostile countries to the Gospel.

3) Other confidential advice

We also offer confidential advice on any of the following points. We are happy to assist by email and other forms of communication.

  • Church security
  • Individual pastoral advice including your family's security
  • Any other issues raised by you similar to the above topics.
Contact us via our dedicated phone number which is 07442 520 314. Please call between 10 am to 2 pm any day except Sundays. Thank you. You can also email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (outside UK: +44 7442 520 314)