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During our time in China we lived in several other cities, including Tianjin and another northern provincial capital which ranked at the time as the 6th most polluted city in the world. Our hearts go out to the millions of Chinese there who rarely see the sun and whose days often begin and end in a smoky orange polluted haze. Strangely enough this was the city where we won the most people to the Lord comparatively speaking to the time we spent there.

‘Time would fail me’, as the apostle Paul said, to tell of all that the Lord has done in China not only through our own weak efforts but that of thousands of others. So I am going to close at this point on our own work and ministry and share some further points about China if you will permit, and I do believe you will find the following extremely interesting. (Continued in Jerry’s book 'Shake off the Dust')

The reason so many people receive the Lord in China and other similar fields is because they are hungry for the truth.

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