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First Year Experiences

During the first year we went through an experience which has never been repeated in my life again that is of every Chinese person whom we shared the message of salvation with, they all accepted it. No one ever refused the Truth of the Bible, nor the offer of a Salvation prayer in that first year! We are still not sure why it was like that. Perhaps the Lord wanted to encourage us, but also we prayed diligently for each person and asked the Lord when to present that message with them. We didn’t act without God’s voice directing us as to when to share the Salvation message.

I remember one interesting event happened with Emily our very first ‘disciple’. She was a 21 year old graduate from the local University. A lovely girl and who was quite traditionally Chinese. The Lord showed us today this Sunday we should share with her how much Jesus loved her and wished to come into her life as Saviour and Lord.

She originally came to teach us Chinese in response to an advertisement we put on the University campus. She had been coming for several weeks, making the two hour trip each way in the intense heat--we are talking 38 degrees plus each way!. We were very impressed with her attitude to just about everything.

That Sunday, we duly shared who we really were and what the Bible said and meant. (Her English was very good). She responded to our invitation about prayer to Jesus willingly. She prayed and received Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She knew something had ‘happened’ and we also shared with her some chapters in the Bible for example John 3, John 10 and also we felt led to read Matthew 24 with her about the 'last days'. She went home happy and excited.

The following Tuesday, I think it was, Emily called us on the phone and was very excited and agitated. 'Turn on your TV' she kept saying. 'Look, it’s just like the Bible says -- it is the End Time!'

We hung up and turned it on. An historical world-changing event called '9/11' was happening in New York, USA. The whole world was also watching it - stunned. To Emily, it was proof of the End Time, which in some ways we could say it was. 'Greater things than these' shall happen in the future. But for our Chinese Christians it was raw proof of the Word of God!

Isaiah 30:25 And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.

Many times we just met people God had ordained for us to meet. The feelings or witness in our spirit each time were remarkable. I remember leaving a skyscraper in another part of the city one evening after teaching English at a company, and I stepped up to the bus stop and there was God’s appointment for me, a young woman in the crowd of people who stared at me with such an intense look of longing and interest (no it’s not because I am super attractive, far from it).

I returned her look and the Lord gave me discernment that she was already a future disciple of Christ and I walked over to her. We talked and got on the same bus and amazingly she lived nearby our apartment with her husband. It was not until about four months later though that the Lord led us to visit them, and a further time before we shared the Gospel with them both which they readily and eagerly accepted.

This young woman, Irene, once said, ‘I have been looking at Emily (mentioned above) and her face seems to glow and shine. How can my face become like that?’

We told her Emily’s story and how much she loved the Bible and studied it with us. Irene determined there and then to visit us every morning before work for a Bible study and prayer time. She faithfully came for about one year each work morning around 6 a.m for fellowship. This meant that one of our team had to be ready for her arrival with some special class or devotions for the day also!‘ Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness’, Jesus said, ‘for they shall be filled’. Matthew 5:6.

Irene and her husband Edi then spent about two years in fellowship with us and are such wonderful souls. We truly thank God for them. Today this young woman has gone with her husband and child to a northern city and continues to love the Lord and His Word very deeply.

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