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This year 2017 we are praying for at least 50 new financial sponsors for China and other country missions on a monthly or quarterly basis.

If you feel you would like to help, you can simply and easily donate on our web site. 

The Benefits for you:

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A Tribute to Two of My High School Teachers

Jerry Finch

Mr. Arthur Westall and Headmaster Mr. Ballance

Memories and Thoughts About their Lives

It’s a strange thing, but there I was one day just thinking out of the blue about a man I hadn’t really thought much about for the past forty years, Arthur Westall my English teacher at Reigate Grammar school in the UK. Only a few days later I received an e mail from the Reigate Grammar office that he had passed away.

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Persecution of Church in China to Escalate as Zhejiang Experiment Goes National

Elizabeth Kendal

Draft regulations on religion portend broader clamp-down.

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What's Really Going On in China

Jerry (Flashback October 2015)

And how it may affect even you!

Important news about China and its society in Autumn 2015!

  1. 1. TianJin explosion- the Endtime.
  2. Churches, Christmas and NGO’s in China.

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The Christianization of China

Jerry Finch


The Christianization of China is an exerpt from my book Pieces of China: A Foreigner's Guide to navigating life in China! From ancient times, believe it or not, faith in the Bible, God, and later Christianity has been alive and well in China. This may be a surprise to you, as it was to me.

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The Tornado in Ontario, Canada 1985

Jerry Finch

I found out firsthand the truly shocking power of God in answer to prayer, and according to the scriptural promises, in Canada in the two years we lived there in 1984 - 85. I lived in Mississauga, and often went to the various cities of Ontario and Quebec to witness and preach the gospel and give out Gospel tracts and leaflets and talk with people personally door to door, shop to shop and many other places as the Holy Spirit directed me with many other Christians.

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